3 Grandparents Day Gifts That They Will Love

By Carrie Groves
Grandparents Day Gifts

I don’t know about you, but my girls are so blessed to have multiple sets of grandparents, from my parents, to my in-laws, to my husband’s aunt and uncle, with whom we are very close. Our girls are spoiled by all of them, so we love to make sweet gifts for them. Grandparents Day is coming up on September 13, so I wanted to share some homemade Grandparents Day gifts that are sure to make them smile … and maybe shed a few tears (like my mom always does!). All of my ideas include pictures because grandparents always love new pictures of their grandbabies. So pull out some of those great candid shots you have taken through these summer months and get ready to craft!

Photo Vase

Target has great vases and planters in their craft aisle. We cut photos to fit the sides of our chosen vase, grabbed the Mod Podge and stuck them all on. Another great option is a terra cotta pot, which you can find at Target or most home improvement stores. Fill the pot with fresh flowers or a plant as a complete gift!

Painted Rock Photo Holders

Painted rocks have become quite popular lately, so why not make a gift out of them? Find some smooth rocks, either outside or at a home improvement store, and grab some acrylic paint, Mod Podge (to seal the paint), craft wire and colorful beads. Paint and seal the rocks. After they dry, wrap a long piece of craft wire around the rock, bringing it up and twisting so it stands upright. Add some colorful beads, then twist the end of the wire into a curl, where you can add a photo of your kiddo(s). This is a fun, personal and inexpensive craft!

Grandkids Photo Sign

For this project you will need a piece of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), some acrylic paint, Mod Podge, paint pen, ribbon, a hot glue gun and small clothes pins. Paint the board and let dry. Then use your paint pen to write “Grandkids Make Life Grand” or some other sweet saying and seal with Mod Podge. Attach a long piece of ribbon to the back of the sign with hot glue for hanging. Decorate your clothes pins however you like, then use the hot glue to attach them to the front of the sign. Once everything is dry, add your favorite photos of your kiddo(s)!

I hope these Grandparents Day gift ideas help for when it comes time to make a gift for that special grandma or grandpa. I’d like to thank Pinterest for some of these great DIY gift ideas. The girls and I had fun so much fun making them, and I know you and your kiddos will also!

Happy crafting!


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