Back-to-School Blues

Put a Stop to Back-to-School Blues!

Another summer break is wrapping up and it’s time to lie out the children’s finely pressed uniforms and sit in the morning traffic. Everything seems to be as fine as it can be in the middle of a pandemic. And then, as the alarm goes off on that first day of school, you know in

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#MomHacks: Back-to-School Hacks

Check out these Mom Hacks to help ease from the lazy days of summer back to a structured school schedule. "Before buying ANY school supplies, take stock of what you have first! Who cares if they are a bit used or sharpened down to the core. A dollar saved is a dollar towards a latte!"

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5 Tips For a Successful School Year from Alachua County’s Teacher of the Year

BY NICOLE A. HARRIS It goes without saying that last school year was tough, and that is certainly an understatement. Aside from massive learning loss, families faced circumstances that came with hard and sudden changes. Some faced the loss of a way of life they had always known while others faced already difficult situations that

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Ewww! The Gross Germs that Follow Your Kids Home in Their Backpacks

It is time to go back to school and for most children this means suiting up with a school backpack. The American Occupational Therapy Association reports that more than 79 million students nationally carry backpacks. We know that backpacks are meant to carry books, lunchboxes and other school supplies, but often some unwelcome friends may attach

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Back to School Rally

Annual Back to School Rally Focuses on Reducing Gun Violence

People Against Violence Enterprises (PAVE) is organizing the 22nd annual Stop the Violence/ Back to School Rally for Alachua County children and their families. This year’s rally will take place on Saturday, July 31 from 10 a.m. to noon at Citizens Park behind the MLK Center and will focus on reducing gun violence in our

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Sales Tax Holiday

2021 Back to School Sales Tax Holiday

This year’s sales tax holiday takes place July 31 - August 9, 2021. During this period, certain items will be available for purchase without the addition of state or local sales tax. These items include: - Certain school supplies selling for $15 or less per item - Clothing, footwear and some accessories selling for $60

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#BossMom: Meet Tamerin Dygert

Meet Tamerin Dygert, executive director of market development for March of Dimes (Central Florida Territory). For Dygert, the decision to go back to school while raising a family and working full time was about setting aside excuses, putting on the “oxygen mask” and working toward her goals with her family’s support. What made you want

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Back to School Must Haves

Top of the Class   From backpacks and lunch boxes to pencil cases and planners, make sure your kiddo is ready with all the best supplies for this school year, no matter their age! Preschool   Animal Packers Booski Bear $36.50 EGGKIDS Maja Backpack $40     Dabbawalla Trunk Show Elephant Lunch Bag $30 Stephen

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