Chiropractic Care … For Infants? How chiropractic care can benefit newborns

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By Jennifer Jensen When their baby is unhappy or in pain, it seems as though parents will try anything to make their little one feel better. One remedy that might help, and one that many parents may not have considered, is chiropractic medicine. Dr. David West, a fourth-generation chiropractor and owner of West Family Chiropractic, [...]

Woah, Baby: Keeping track of baby’s growth during her first year

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By Jennifer Jensen Babies will change a lot during their first year. Although your baby’s height, weight and head circumference will be measured at each monthly checkup, you may find yourself worrying about her growth between visits to the doctor. Use this helpful guide to give you a rundown of what to expect of your baby’s [...]

Insufficient Funds: Solutions for insufficient breast milk supply

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By Colleen McTiernan and Lizzie Vasquez Breast-feeding is an important element of healthy development in newborns. Not only is it a great connection for mothers to make with their babies, but breast-feeding also provides newborns with essential nutrients that promote healthy growth. It is no secret that breast-feeding can be difficult. If you find yourself [...]

Supporting the Fourth Trimester: The benefits of a postpartum doula

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By Danielle Spano You have waited nine months, and now your baby is finally here! And after just a few days in the hospital with the help and care of the hospital staff, you are on your own. This period of adjusting to a new baby in the household is called the fourth trimester, and [...]

Cough It Up: What to do when your baby has a cough

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By Danielle Spano Coughing is a natural reflex the body uses to clear the lungs and airways. But when a newborn coughs a parent’s first instinct is often to worry. Sometimes a cough is just a cough, and other times it calls for a trip to the doctor. Understanding what causes coughing and the different [...]

Rock-A-Bye Baby 3 Ways to Sleep Train Your Little One

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By Olivia K Pitkethly, MA, LMHC New parents receive so much unsolicited advice regarding sleep and their newborns. From “never wake a sleeping baby” to “wake the baby every two hours to eat” it can get pretty confusing. Add to that your exhaustion, and who has time to research the best way to get your [...]

Baby Talk: Enriching your child’s language development

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By Olivia K Pitkethly, MA, LMHC There’s something about babies that brings out this unfamiliar voice and vocabulary. Suddenly, we’re speaking in a higher pitch and making up words like “boogly googly” and “nosey wosey.” But how is this affecting our babies' language development? Brandee Charles, a speech-language pathologist who works with preschool and elementary-age [...]

Finally! Tantrum-Free Tummy Time

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By Taryn Tacher Having a baby comes with a laundry list of questions and concerns. Should you breastfeed? What’s the proper way to change a diaper? How often do babies need to be fed? At what age will they reach certain milestones, like rolling over, sitting up, walking and talking? Tummy time is one of [...]

Dapper In Diapers: The Evolving Cloth Diaper

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By Nicole Germany These days babies’ bottoms are getting an upgrade thanks to cloth diapers, and people are starting to take notice. With the increase in popularity, a debate has sparked comparing cloth diapers to disposable. The big question is, which is the better pick? For starters, always stick to what works best for you and your baby, but if you’re looking to [...]

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

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By Olivia K Pitkethly, MA, LMHC Who can resist buying those Weeboks or mini Mary Janes? Finding cute outfits and the shoes to compliment them is like reliving our childhoods when we dressed up our dolls! However, it’s one thing to put shoes on our poor, patient kiddos for pictures, and another to find the right walking shoe for baby’s first steps. Podiatrist [...]