Hazing in High School: It Can Happen

As parents, we typically associate the term hazing with college campuses and binge drinking. How many times in the course of your parenting journey have you said, “It won’t happen to my kids”? But it might. Today, hazing is not only limited to colleges and, sadly, it… read more

When Your Teen is the Passenger

When Marlo Walpole’s son began driving, she had some ground rules for him. Among them were no cell phone use, no driving to a location she did not approve, and he needed to tell her when he left and when… read more

DIY Your Own Graduation Pictures!

Graduation is upon us and what an amazing accomplishment to capture!  If you don't have access to a photographer to get graduation photo's made, we have some tips for DIY graduation pictures that will let your graduate shine! Lighting: To… read more

Getting Your Teen Involved in Volunteering

Giving back to the community is a valuable skill to teach kids. Volunteerism is so important that some high schools require a minimum number of hours to graduate. In addition, colleges and scholarship programs consider a student’s volunteer hours in… read more

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