Fork with measuring tape wrapped around

How to Manage Body Image in Tweens

Being a tween and teen is a rollercoaster of hormones, emotions and drama. One of the biggest hurdles they face can be related to body image. Social media doesn’t help — with so many messages being about the “ideal” body… read more

Girl and boy playing video games

Helping Your Tween Conquer Video Game Addiction

Pac-Man, Mario Bros., Tetris. Video games have changed since we were kids. Now, there are first-person games, multi-player online role playing games and multi-user domain games. Kids today can play online with people across the world or watch others playing… read more

Little kid in Snow White costume holding dad's hand trick or treating

Letting Your Child Trick-Or-Treat Alone

Halloween can be a spooky and exciting time for children and parents alike. As kiddies grow into adolescents, it is almost a guarantee that they will want more independence than ever before. When they reach those prime tween-age years, they… read more

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