Stopping Your Child From Swearing

There’s nothing like hearing your child curse to make you cringe in horror. The first time I heard my daughter utter a four-letter word, I was in shock. Where did she learn this? It didn’t take long for me to… read more

Family Tree

Turn Over a New Leaf with a Family Tree

Whether you’re 100 percent one ethnicity, a mix of a bunch or have absolutely no idea what your history is, it seems that everyone loves trying to piece together a family tree. Making a family tree is another way to… read more

Creative COVID Solution

Our Creative COVID Solution: Crafting!

When #quarantinelife hit our family, we hit back with #osterhoutacademy and found a fun solution to keeping our two young kids happy, entertained and engaged during the months of lock-down... and beyond! My husband James and I certainly experienced our… read more

Teacher Of The Year

ACPS to Announce 2021 Teacher of the Year Tonight!

Tonight, Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) will announce the 2021 Teacher of the Year winner via a virtual celebration. The three teachers have been chosen as Teacher of the Year finalists include elementary school teacher Mackenzie McNickle (first picture below),… read more

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