Are Pacifiers Good For Babies?

Pacis, loveys, binkeys, babas—they are known by many names (known as “wubby” among my kids), but all refer to the infamous pacifier. The pacifier is an instrument that allows your baby to self-soothe by sucking. According to the National Institute… read more

Baby with a smash cake

A Healthy Twist on the Smash Cake

It is the center of one of the most beloved first birthday photos… the smash cake. A miniature version of their bigger birthday cake, this pint size sweet treat is traditionally created for a serving of one — the birthday… read more

Baby Rashes: Causes and Treatments

The first year of a baby’s life comes along with many challenges, and one of the most common is skin conditions that may pop up. Rashes are often associated with diapers, but they can also come in many forms all over… read more

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