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Hazing in High School: It Can Happen

As parents, we typically associate the term hazing with college campuses and binge drinking. How many times in the course of your parenting journey have you said, “It won’t happen to my kids”? But it might. Today, hazing is not only limited to colleges and, sadly, it… read more

When Your Teen is the Passenger

When Marlo Walpole’s son began driving, she had some ground rules for him. Among them were no cell phone use, no driving to a location she did not approve, and he needed to tell her when he left and when… read more

Why are Kids Competitive?

Competitive children can turn everything from brushing their teeth to eating their vegetables into a contest? Competitive children want to win at whatever it is they’re doing, which can be a huge motivator. A study published in “World Conference on… read more

The Truth About Oral Thrush

No one wants to see velvety white spots growing in their baby’s mouth. But, if you notice this sign, chances are your baby may have something called oral thrush. Noticing this might confuse and worry parents. But oral thrush is extremely common… read more

DIY Patriotic 4th of July Wreath

Summer is here and that means so is the Fourth of July! This patriotic flag 4th of July wreath is the perfect craft to do with your little ones when it’s raining outside and they’re parading around the house that… read more

Tips for Baby’s First Vacation

Vacations are meant to be relaxing and enjoyable, a time away from the hassles of daily life when you and your family can make memories together that will last a lifetime. However, when you have an infant to care for,… read more

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