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Organize Those Paper Piles

Q: I need help organizing all the stacks of paper in my house.  Despite my efforts to categorize it all, I can't seem to narrow them down.  I’m spending too much time looking for tax-related stuff, the refrigerator is practically… read more

Get Serious About Spring Cleaning

Queries from the Curious "I'm serious about decluttering and spring cleaning this year, but I need some guidelines to help me make decisions about all the stuff we have. How do professional organizers help clients overcome their reluctance to pare… read more

birthday party

D.I.Y. Birthday Party Piñata!

Your kiddo's birthday is right around the corner, and this year he or she has requested a VERY specific theme for the party. You've searched for hours on the internet and in stores for a piñata that even comes close… read more

Super Bowl Sunday Party Snacks

Easy Super Bowl Sunday Party Snacks!

Are you ready watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? Root for your favorite team while eating some delicious and easy Super Bowl Sunday party snacks! Caprese Salad Skewers These super simple party appetizers take only 4 ingredients to make, but… read more

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