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DIY Activity: Pumpkin Patch

These easy to create fall pumpkins are a perfect way to add festive fall decor to any room in the house this season. And, the best part about them is that you can keep them for years to come!  Materials: … read more

When the Grandparents Move In

Grandparents living with grandchildren is becoming more and more common due to financial strain, health issues and the desire for closeness. From 1980 to 2008, the number of U.S. households with at least two adult generations increased from 12 to… read more

DIY Watermelon Doormat

What better way to welcome the warm sun with this fun, cute and easy diy watermelon doormat? Follow our how-to guide to bring a little color right onto your front porch! Supplies for diy watermelon doormat: 1. All purpose sponge… read more

Washing Clothes in a Bucket

Helpful Tips To Remove Stains For Good!

While staining our clothes is just another good reason to buy more, that’s not usually the most practical answer. Here are some helpful tips to remove stains for good: Grass Stains Spring is approaching, which means more time outside, and… read more

Sprucing up for Spring

Spring is coming. The days will be getting longer and the temperatures milder, even though they never get too cold here in Florida. It's going to be tempting to spend more time outside. But what if your outdoor space has gotten… read more

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