Help Your Kiddos Burn off Afternoon Energy

Kiddos can harbor a lot of excess energy. With school winding down and summertime excitement growing, you know that your children will come home ready to let loose...after they finish their homework of course. So how can you help them… read more

Child washing dishes

5 Simple Chores for Children Under 7

A big challenge many parents face is deciding if and when their children are old enough for chores. How soon is too soon to teach a child responsibility and how to contribute to the household? It is often a struggle… read more

Month and son smiling wearing yellow coats

Conversation Starters for Kids!

You may have become accustomed to a one-sentence, or sometimes one-word, response from your child when you ask them about their day. It may be frustrating when it seems difficult to get them to share things happening in their lives.… read more

How to Stop Your Child From Swearing

There’s nothing like hearing your child curse to make you cringe in horror. The first time I heard my daughter utter a four-letter word, I was in shock. Where did she learn this? It didn’t take long for me to… read more

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