10 Non-Electronic Travel Activities for Kiddos

By Carrie Groves
Travel Activities for Kids

I don’t know about you, but we are not a tablet family. I have one that I barely use, and the only time the kids get to use it is when we are hiding in our safe place during the occasional tornado warning or when our 4-year-old is being stubborn and I have to bribe her with it to take her nebulizer treatment. So, when we travel on the weekends, we go old school when it comes to activities to keep our kids busy. Besides the obvious snacks for when you start hearing, “I’m hungry!” five minutes into the long drive or flight, here are some fun, travel activities for kiddos to keep the boredom at a minimum. Be ready to see some classics!

Coloring books

It is up to you whether you bring crayons, markers or Crayola Color Wonder, but any crayons and markers in our house are always the washable kind.


Whether your bring picture books for your toddler or chapter books for your elementary schooler, this is a great way to pass the time.

Window gel stickers

You can find these in Target or Michaels. Check in the dollar bins!

Flash cards

Whether they cover the ABCs, 123s, or different nature themes (sea life, dinosaurs, flowers), these are great for kids to look at alone or with an adult.

Lacing cards

These are perfect for keeping little hands occupied! Check out Target, Amazon, TJ Maxx and Marshalls for lacing cards, or consider making your own.

Dry erase board

Get one with lines so your kiddos can practice writing letters and numbers, or get a blank one to allow for more creativity. Be sure to buy washable dry erase markers.

Etch A Sketch

This is one is a classic that is sure to keep your little ones occupied!

Search and find books

Bring along classics like “Where’s Waldo?” or coloring book search and finds.


Oh yes! You can still find these at Toys“R”Us or Walmart.

Sing-along songs

Put some tunes on (maybe a little “Moana”?) and sing away to pass the time!


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