10 Ways Pinterest Can Make Your Life Easier!

By Dana Kamp

We love the hilarious quotes and entertaining photos that abound on Pinterest.com. But the site is more than just for tickling our funny bones. It can be beneficial to so many areas of our lives!

1. Organization and Cleaning:

Who knew you could use window planters for bathroom wall storage? What about turning a tall shelf on its side to become a window seat with storage? Or the fact that baking soda can clean almost anything in your home? Creative organization and easy cleaning solutions are so valuable in our busy households!

2. Fitness and Nutrition:

Looking for a great 15-minute abs workout or a new healthy smoothie variation just got easier. The Health and Fitness category covers everything from yoga postures and CrossFit techniques to quinoa recipes and the best workout playlists. Let Pinterest help make 2013 your healthiest year yet!

3. Gifts:

Whether it’s a framed inspirational quote for your sister or personalized gifts for your groomsmen, there are unique gifts for every person and occasion! The Gifts tab even allows you to choose gifts in your price range.

4. Décor and Renovation:

Decorating for the holidays, choosing a color scheme for your teenage son’s bedroom, or building your dream home frame by frame are all now simpler tasks because of Pinterest. The beautiful photos of home décor and architecture will have you filling your board with fantastic pins in no time.

5 .Crafts and Activities:

Chalkboard vases, tie-dyed Easter eggs, and bookcases made from ladders are just a sample of what is waiting for those DIY lovers out there! You can include your kiddos in the fun as well with hundreds of hands-on activities for family craft time.

6. Beauty and Fashion:

Complete wardrobe ideas for any event, from the earrings down to the footwear, are easily found by clicking on the Women’s Fashion or Men’s Fashion categories. The Hair and Beauty category provides tips such as creating modern braids, making homemade facial cleansers, and step-by-step instructions for getting that perfect smoky eye.

7. Recipes and Event Planning:

Planning a garden baby shower? Searching for an easy, delicious breakfast casserole for your weekend guests? Whatever your recipe needs, Pinterest will not let you down. Whether you’re trying to feed two or 200, the photos and explanations will make your preparation a cinch and your concoction a success!

8. Travel:

If you want to see amazing photos of the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa or need to know what to pack for your hiking trip through the Appalachian Mountains, the Travel category has you covered. Travel preparation tips and incredible destinations are abundant!

9. Photo Ideas:

The Photography category is not just for professional photographers. In fact, it’s full of suggestions for us amateurs trying to capture that perfect sunset shot or family reunion group photo. Don’t limit yourself to just the Photography category; great photo ideas are in every category on the site.

10. Educational Tools:

From lesson plans about the birth of our country to creative ways to instill a love of reading, the educational tips and ideas are endless. Teachers, tutors, nannies, mommies, and grand-mommies can all benefit from the imaginative and fun ways to explain any concept to your little ones.