13 Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating

By Giggle Magazine

Remember, there is safety in numbers! Kids should ALWAYS travel with a parent or in groups and NEVER alone.

Keep pathways clean. Remove anything that children might break, crack or get caught on their costume.

If you are handing out candy, be sure to leave any sidewalk lights on to light the path.

Have children wear sneakers or comfortable shoes. Blisters, tripping and falling are not fun.

Keep pets at home. It can be too much for Fido! Save his costume debut for handing out candy or a private party.

Avoid making homemade treats to hand out.

Give each child a glow stick to make them easier to spot in a crowd. Parents, bring flashlights.

Watch traffic patterns. Even though you may think certain neighborhoods’ internal roads are closed, many are open. Stay out of the road and use walkways.

Do not push your child. Listen to them if they are tired or cranky. There is no reason to push the envelope when it comes to candy collecting.

If your child is timid or afraid of certain things, take that into account when venturing out.

Stay hydrated. Florida Halloweens are still hot, so it is important to bring water along.

Be sure to bring along insect repellant. Bites are no fun! Spray them down.

Do not allow your children to eat ANY candy while trick-or-treating. Be sure to check your children’s candy for anything suspicious before allowing them to eat it.