15 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy!

By Giggle Magazine
Leftover Halloween Candy

When you have three kids, multiple Halloween parties to attend and an all-nighter filled with trick-or-treating, the piles of sweet treats do just that. Pile up! So, after I do my duty of safety checking and separating the piles of ‘you eat that,’ ‘I eat this,’ and our sweet tooth’s have been satisfied until next year, there is still lots of candy! I ask myself, what to do with it all? Repurpose it of course! With a little culinary creativity, you can easy use all of that leftover Halloween candy to make something delicious!


  • Sprinkle into chocolate cake batter and on top of vanilla frosting
  • Crumble and mix in with cheesecake mixture before chilling


  • Mix into pancakes mix
  • Add to chocolate chip cookie batter
  • Top an ice cream sundae


  • Cut up and add to trifle layers
  • Dice into small pieces and add to creamy cheesecake dip


  • Blend with vanilla or chocolate ice cream for a yummy milkshake
  • Add to brownie mix


  • Cut in tiny pieces and roll freshly made caramel apples in them
  • Add to sugar cookie batter


  • Add to graham crackers and marshmallows for bite sized s’mores
  • Add to ice coffee and mix in blender for a frosted café mocha


  • Add to Chex® mix and mini marshmallows for a festive party mix
  • Dice into small pieces and add to Rice Krispy mix


  • Freeze then defrost for midnight snacks or donate all of your leftover Halloween candy to collection sites!


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