16 Black Friday Shopping Tips From a PRO

By Giggle Magazine

Now that you can find just about anything you want or need on the mighty web, one might think to themselves, why should I bother venturing out to shop anymore, and oh goodness, why on earth would I want to venture out on BLACK FRIDAY? Because my dear… it’s fun! No, I am not crazy. It is fun and effective when organized and planned strategically and with girlfriends of course!

For a number of years, a few friends and I would go Black Friday shopping. We would get up super early, Starbucks in hand, our largest SUV’s emptied of all the booster and car seats, and head to our first destination, dressed in our finest sweat pants outfit and ready with wish lists galore. We laughed, yawned and stood in line like we were professional shoppers (Yes, I realize professional shoppers probably don’t stand in line Lol!). Then, we moved to the next location, and then the next… eventually ending the day at the best fast food joint we could find.

Did we find good deals? You betcha! Was it worth it? You betcha! Were we tired? You betcha! So after years of experience on the topic, I wanted to share our tips for getting those great deals and how to maneuver through the shopping maze that leads you to the register!


1. Go with friends!

This is a MUST! Shopping with friends make it so much fun, but make sure to utilize each other!

2. Share your gift list with friends

This is so you can separate if needed and the store is packed. They can help grab that must have item for you!

3. Station a friend in the line

This is important! They can begin the waiting process in line with a cart and move along with it. When you are done shopping, put items in the cart and switch!

4. Go with a plan!

This is NOT the day for window- shopping. Before you go, create a list, note where they are on sale and create a strategy of where to go first and move on from there. Remember, stick to the plan!

5. Wear comfortable clothes

This is also not the day to worry about being fashionable as you walk around the mall. You will need comfy shoes and clothes and a purse you can carry easily that can hold your wallet and a bottle of water!

6. Bring hand-sanitizer

Germs. Germs. Germs.

7. Wipe off ALL cart handles

Germs. Germs. Germs (I won’t mention this is where I got pink eye one year… EEK!)

8. Make sure your car will hold all your purchases!

One year, we bought bikes and TVs. Thank goodness we all had big momma SUV’s or we would be still carrying the TV on the back of a trike!

9. Make sure you double check you put your credit card back in your wallet!

You don’t want to leave it at a store and have to go back and get it. Door Buster sales wait for no one.

10. Leave kids at home if you can

Even if you aren’t shopping for them, Black Friday is not the day for a casual shopping moment with your kids. Trust me… you will want to do this solo! They also will see lots of toys and goodies on sale. Having them beg for an item on their list that day may not save you pennies in the long run!

11. Pack Patience

I am not a patient person. But, this is the one day of the year I know I need to dig deep to find it in me to be patient. Lines will be long, people will be all over the place and items will be out. So, if you are going to go Black Friday shopping, dig deep for that pocket of patience and it will sever you well.

12. Know when to stop

Everyone has different breaking points of how much they can stand of a certain stimulus. This will be stimulus overload. So, know your stopping point and stop. There is always Cyber Monday for last minute sales!

13. Hydrate and Eat

Shopping is great cardio, especially when you are rushing around! Don’t forget to eat! Pack snacks and a reusable water bottle to save money!

14. Charge phones and bring charger

Many stores may have digital coupons. You will WANT those! And, you don’t want to cut into your shopping fund to buy a new charger!

15. Shop Local!

Many of our locally owned stores will also be having sales! Check in with them before you plan your trip to know what they will be offering.

16. Go with a budget and stick to it!

This is a big one. One can get carried away with deal after deal. And, the dollar signs add up pretty quickly. Black Friday is known for saving you a buck or two, but it is only a savings if you were already going to buy that item.