3 Fun and Fabulous Birthday Party Themes

By Carrie Groves

By Carrie Groves

Do you like to party and get crafty? Are you a Pinterest nut like me? If so, I have three fabulous, fun and creative party ideas that are also super easy to prepare for, and easy is always a bonus in my book! Most of the décor I used was either purchased through Etsy or the Dollar Tree. I also use a lot of free printables!

Pancakes and Pajamas

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This party revolves around breakfast food, specifically pancakes! Make sure everyone comes in pajamas and is ready to chow down on some doughnut holes, fruit, Lucky Charms treats (like Rice Krispies treats) and, of course, pancakes. Do not forget the fun toppings for the pancakes, including sprinkles, syrup and whipped cream. I had a pancake cake made that looked as good as it tasted, and for favors I gave out plastic straw bowls with a spoon and a mini box of cereal.

Milk and Cookies

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For this party, I made a cookie bar with sugar cookies, animal crackers, chocolate chip cookies, regular Oreos and Birthday Cake Oreos. I also had fruit kabobs, veggies, white milk and chocolate milk. We had a smash cake for my daughter that looked like a big cupcake, with mini cupcakes to share. For favors, I gave out cookie cutters.

Night at the Movies

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This one was a sleepover for my oldest daughter’s Sweet 16, though it can be done for any age at which you feel comfortable hosting sleepovers (her first sleepover party was her 6th birthday). We had pizza, hot dogs, fruits and veggies (I try to get at least some healthy food squeezed into these parties!), candy, popcorn, soda and a fabulous popcorn cake! Favors were plastic red and white striped popcorn boxes that they used to make popcorn for movie time!

As you can see, I love to get creative with my girls’ parties! A few other ideas I have in mind for the future are a Bubbles and Brunch party (I can’t wait to put this one in the works, complete with bubbles for kids and bubbly for the adults!), a zoo animals theme party at the zoo, an art theme party with individual painting canvases and face painting — the ideas are endless!

Please post your favorite party ideas below! With four kids, I am always looking for new ideas. Happy party planning!