Family Night Out in Gainesville!

By Renee Castro

Friday is finally among us and its time to rest up from the workweek and school week that just drained all of our energy, again. When I was a kid, I absolutely LOVED Friday’s. (Now that I’m an adult, I can say I still absolutely LOVE Friday’s.) My favorite part of the day was coming home to plan the weekend ahead with my parents. Was this the weekend we were having a family outing? Were we headed to grandmas? Or was it that one weekend in the year when every classmate and friend decided to throw his or her birthday party.

Family outings are so fun, but can get repetitive, fast. It’s usually the same restaurant for dinner, some dessert and then straight home and to bed because everyone is completely exhausted. I think it’s time to spice up our family outings and make them something that everyone can enjoy.

Celebration Pointe

Celebrate the end of a long week by heading to Celebration Pointe, there are plenty of things to do here! Purchase your tickets ahead of time and reserve your big comfy seats at the movie theater. Enjoy dinner and a movie at the same time and after, head to Kilwins to enjoy some delicious fudge or ice cream!

University of Florida Bat House

Explore Lake Alice and visit the chapel and settle in to watch the bats come out! The bats come out at dusk so its best to be settled as the sun is setting. After this, head to Archer road and enjoy a nice family dinner out!

Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center

Cheer on the Florida Gators at a home basketball game or a gymnastics meet! Both events are a fun way to show your Gator pride and integrate family and your love for sports! These two events will sure to leave you adrenaline filled and painted in orange and blue.

Depot Park

For those families who are more in tune with nature and are looking for a more quiet evening, then I suggest relaxing as the sun sets over Depot Park. Bring a blanket or two big enough for your family and enjoy a quite picnic dinner. You can even bring your pet to hang out with the family!