4 Spooky Halloween Party Favor Ideas

By Lizzie Vasquez
Halloween Party Favor

Halloween is tomorrow! While you are scrambling to pull together the last details for Halloween plans, do not forget to include a Halloween party favor for your guests. Whether it is store-bought or homemade, everyone appreciates a small parting gift. Here are four party favor idea that will send your guests away with a smile.

ZIPIT Halloween Mini Pouch

This little pouch is cute and useful. It comes in four Halloween colors and can fit all the essentials. Great as a coin purse, key carrier and lip balm holder, this pouch can attach to backpacks and join your kids on their Halloween adventures.

Pro Tip: Stuff small candies into this pouch to make this party favor idea even better!

Creepy Popcorn-Stuffed Hand

Stuff plastic gloves with one candy corn at the tip of each finger and fill ‘er up with popcorn for a fun homemade party favor! A bunch of fake hands are sure to creep out your guests and put everyone in the Halloween spirit.

Oozing Eyeball Slime

Another homemade favor option is gooey slime. Add a creepy eyeball, spider or another Halloween trinket to this fun slime to make your guests squeal. Plus, it is a great craft to do with kids to unleash their inner mad scientist.

Halloween Party Poppers

Give the gift of candy in these simple party poppers. This cool paper craft is cute, easy and cheap, making it the perfect farewell favor for your party. Dress up these poppers as spooky characters, like scary Frankenstein monsters, mischievous bats and silly pumpkins, for fun Halloween vibes.

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