4 Holiday Hacks For Busy Parents

By Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief
Holiday Hacks

Time is money, money is time! So, save some time and money this holiday season by cutting corners and diving in to some of our favorite holiday hacks and fun this year! Your family and wallet will thank you for it!

Hack #1

Reuse, Recycle, Re-Giftwrapping

We all have a mom, aunt or grandmother that can spot a beautifully packaged gift a mile away, then, sets her eagle eyes on it, and waits. As soon as the gift gets passed out, she screams.. .”WAIT, do it a carefully, I want to save the wrapping!”

She is a gift-wrapping-regifter! And, she is a genius! By both saving time and money, and not to mention the planet, she is spreading the holiday cheer year after year by recycling not only awesome paper, but, boxes, shirt boxes, bags, bows, tissue paper, wine bags and more!

How to:

  1. Set eyes on the most amazing paper.
  2. Watch who picks it up
  3. Have them open VERY carefully, then, take and use for next year!

Hack #2

Saran Wrap your Christmas Tree

(Best for storage in a basement or a garage)

We know, this sounds odd and will only work with an artificial tree, but, this is a tested out method of putting away your tree in a jiffy!

How to:

  1. Unplug tree and take o any “heir loomed” ornaments.
  2. Put them away safely.
  3. Move tree away from any walls
  4. Take a BIG roll of saran wrap and your closet responsible child and begin wrapping away from top to bottom, by walking around and around your tree until all the ornaments are safely packed in tight.

This is a win win for next year… just cut your un cut your saran wrap and unwrap! Viola!

Tip: Do not put in the attic and make sure to take off all family favorite ornaments!

Hack #3

The Warm Blankey

How fun is it to load up the car with the family and head out on a crisp December night to drive around and look at lights? The ooohhhss and ahhhhssss from the kiddos is what the magic of the season is all about. But, no one likes to be cold and chilly in the car!

How to:

  1. Place favorite blankets in dryer on medium for 10 minutes before leaving.
  2. Take them out and bring in the car with you!

Hack #4

Other easy to do hacks!

  • Use ornaments to adorn gift wrapping and personalize gifts.
  • No space for all the holiday cards you get, place in basket next to couch or on coffee table.
  • Did your family outgrow the dinner table? Instead of trying to get everyone “sitting” together, create smaller, intimate tables around the house and on the back porch and set up a main buffet station in the kitchen to keep tables de-cluttered and food centralized.
  • Wrap gifts as you buy them and write the fist letter of their name or their initials somewhere on the paper or under a bow in pencil so you can know how to label it later on in case they are found!

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