4 Reasons Why a Caricature Makes the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

By Samantha Bradley

By Samantha Bradley

Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift to give your dad, husband, grandpa or any other father in your life? Have you considered buying him a customized caricature? Caricatures can make a great and unexpected gift!

The caricature can be customized to exactly the way you want it

You and the artist can work together to figure out exactly how you want the caricature to look — black and white or color, upper body or full body, theme or no theme, etc.

It is an inexpensive gift

Most caricaturists are quite reasonable. You can feasibly purchase a two-person caricature with a protective mat and pay for shipping and still keep it under $100.

It is a meaningful gift

A caricature doesn’t just have to feature one person. By giving your loved one a caricature with two or more people in it, it can add a more meaningful element to this humorous gift, especially if the artwork includes his children, grandchildren, pets or any other loved ones in his life.

No dad expects to receive a caricature for Father’s Day

It is safe to say that the dad in your life probably won’t be getting a caricature from anyone else. These are truly unique gifts, and they have the added benefit of being personalized!

If you are interested in ordering a caricature for your dad this Father’s Day, you still have time! Here are just a few caricaturists in Florida that you can contact.

Bill’s Caricatures


Caricature Cafe


Cartoons by Rob Smith, Jr.


Cartoon You Caricatures