4 Reasons Why I Have No Problem with My Toddler Watching Television

By Samantha Bradley

By Samantha Bradley

I understand some parents do not let their children watch television, but I am not one of those parents. My toddler’s two favorite shows are “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.” Both are educational, which is just one of the four reasons why I have no problem with my toddler watching television.

He always learns something new

All of the children’s shows my son watches are very educational. The shows teach him new things, such as shapes, colors, numbers and words.

 He enjoys watching TV

My son gets super excited when he is watching one of his favorite TV shows. He is always laughing and smiling at the TV.

He can easily relate to characters in his favorite TV shows

All of the characters are extremely relatable and deal with similar situations that my son is currently dealing with, such as celebrating a birthday, learning to try new foods and meeting new people for the first time.

Watching TV helps my son calm down when he is having a bad day

When my son is having a bad day, I allow him to watch TV. It calms him down and sometimes helps him forget why he was upset.

While I respect the opinions and views of those parents who do not allow their kids to watch TV, I am always going to let my son to watch TV shows that I approve of. As long as we are both happy with the shows he is watching, I see no reason not to allow it.