4 Reasons Why You Should Throw Your Child a First Birthday Party

By Samantha Bradley

By Samantha Bradley

My husband and I will be throwing our son a big first birthday party this upcoming July. We are planning on renting a local barn with several activities for kids, including hayrides, a petting zoo and much more. In addition to all this fun, we plan on having pizza, cake, games and prizes.

As first time parents, we are confident in our decision to throw our son a big birthday party, even though we may have gone a little overboard. Even though Marcelino may not remember his first birthday party, it is still quite fun for me and my husband to celebrate our child’s birthday surrounded by loved ones.

Everyone can celebrate your baby’s first birthday together

All of your family and friends can celebrate your child’s birthday together. It is the perfect time to make memories together, and a great reason to eat cake!

It is an excuse to get together with your closest family and friends

Your child’s birthday is the perfect excuse to throw a party. It will give you the opportunity to celebrate with those closest to you and catch up with everyone.

It is the perfect opportunity to take memorable photos

You will have several opportunities to take one-of-a-kind photos of your little one at his birthday party. Plus, you can take endless amounts of family photos that can easily be distributed as gifts throughout the year.

It will give everyone some time to get to know your little one

Not everyone may have had the opportunity to get to personally know your little one. At the party, they can enjoy quality time with your child.

If you have the opportunity to throw your child a first birthday party, do it. It is one of those things you will not regret. You don’t necessarily have to throw a party as big as we are, but even a small celebration will allow you to celebrate your kiddo with loved ones and make memories that will last a lifetime.