4 Reasons Why Your Mom Becomes Your BFF After You Have Kids of Your Own

By Giggle Magazine

By Samantha Bradley

Let’s face it, after having kids your life really changes. It is not unheard of for relationships to change with your spouse, family members, friends or coworkers because of that new little one in your life. One relationship that usually gets stronger after having kiddos of your own is the one you have with your mom. Your mom may just become your best friend after you have kids of your own, and here’s why.

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She’ll be willing to help and give advice

Moms are wonderful when it comes to helping out with little ones. They understand how to take care of children and how to help you handle stressful situations.

She’ll make herself available 24/7

Most moms make themselves available 24/7 and are willing to help out in any way possible. Whether you are having a middle of the night feeding emergency or just need a hand, most moms are more than happy to help.

She’ll clear her schedule to babysit when needed

Grandmas love spending time with their grandbabies. A little much-needed mommy time can give your mom the opportunity to bond with your kids.

She can easily relate to how difficult being a mom can be

Nobody understands how difficult being a mom can be better than another mom. Your own mother is the perfect person to reach out to when you just need to vent.

This upcoming Mother’s Day, make sure you do something special for your mom. As a mom yourself, you now know just how much your new BFF deserves to feel loved, special and appreciated.