4 Ways to Use Your Plastic Easter Eggs All Year Long

By Colleen McTiernan

Plastic Easter eggs. We buy them just to use them one day of the year. Then they get packed away after the holiday, not to be seen again until the next year. But why waste the storage space if we can use these handy little eggs all year ‘round? From DIY toys to handy home décor replacements, plastic eggs can be reused in many ways!

#1 Planter

These mini planters are perfect for small succulents and air plants.

• Plastic eggs

• Spray paint (optional)

• Painter’s tape

• Superglue

• Air plants, succulents, clover, or any other plants that will do well in a small space

Separate the tops and the bottoms of the plastic eggs and cover the inside surface of the bottom half of the egg with painter’s tape. Spray paint the eggs in whatever color spray paint you choose, or leave the eggs as is if you like their colors. Depending on the original color of the egg, you may need several coats of spray paint.

Once the eggs are dry, remove the painter’s tape from the inside. Glue two of the painted bottom halves together on the rounded side so that there is an opening on both the bottom and the top. Then simply plant your succulent or air plant in the top half of your planter and enjoy!

#2 Shaker

By using different materials inside each egg, each shaker will produce a slightly different sound!

• Plastic eggs

• Uncooked rice

• Uncooked beans

• Plastic beads

• Super glue

• Decoration (ribbon, googly eyes, washi tape, permanent markers, etc.)

Place each of the different materials inside the bottom halves of the eggs, then superglue the top half of the egg to the bottom.

Once the glue is dry, the shakers are ready to decorate. Your kiddos can design their shakers as they please, but be sure to do all gluing for them. Once the decorations are on securely, let your little ones shake away!

#3 Matching Games

Teach your kiddos their uppercase and lowercase letters with this DIY learning game! You can also extend this idea to telling time, spelling, or anything else you can think of!

• 26 plastic eggs

• Sharpie

Separate the bottom and top halves of the eggs. On each of the bottom halves, use the Sharpie to write a letter of the alphabet in lowercase. On each of the bottom halves, write a letter of the alphabet in uppercase. Once the eggs have dried, let your little one try to match the uppercase and lowercase letters together! To make this game more of a challenge, write the uppercase and lowercase versions of one letter on different color Easter egg halves.

#4 Birdfeeders

Upcycle your plastic eggs and feed the birds while you’re at it!

• Plastic eggs

• String

• Peanut butter

• Birdseed

Put the string through the holes in the top and bottom of your Easter egg. Tie knots at either end to keep the egg together.

Coat the egg in the peanut butter, and then roll the egg in the birdseed.

Once the egg is completely covered, use the string to hang your new birdfeeder from a tree. Be sure to pick a tree that you have a good view of from your house so you can enjoy watching the birds come and go!