5 Benefits of Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

By Renee Castro

As the summer season approaches, parents begin to worry about where their child is going to be spending the summer. Most typical jobs work through the summer and a lot of parents face leaving their older kids home alone until they can finish the workday. Well, we’re here to share with you benefits of sending your child to summer camp this year!

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They’re safe

Much like sending your child to school, sending your child to camp is like guaranteed safety. School, park and museum summer camps are great places to guarantee that your child is being supervised by a responsible adult and you know that they’ll be safe there until you pick them up!

Lifelong friendships

Coming from someone who grew up going to camp every summer, I can vouch for the fact that I made some pretty amazing friends. There are friends that I still connect with and spoke to in college even after all those years. Catching up with your “camp” friends is almost like a rite of passage each summer.

They’re being active

Rather than spending the summer home like a couch potato, sending your child off to camp means you know they’ll get some action in the day. Sure our kids need to relax, but what better way to wind down after a day filled with fun and making memories with some pretty amazing people.

They’ll get to experience the city

The majority of summer camps go on field trips. This is an amazing part of camp because your kid will be able to get out and explore Gainesville with their friends while you’re at work. It’s refreshing to know that instead of being home your kid is out there and learning about their community.

They’ll build their confidence

With a number of activities in place for each day, your child will most likely be immersed in some sort of friendly competition or talent show. Partaking in these activities are the kinds of things that build your child’s confidence and helps them break out of their shells!

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