5 Entertaining Activities for Bored Kids

By Carrie Groves

Every mama needs a list of the top 5 entertaining activities for kids so they never should the dreaded “I’m bored!” I do at least two or three of the below activities a week (mama does need a chill day) with my girls and they always have a good time!


My girls love the zoo, and they could easily go twice a week if I was up for that! At the end of our visit they are wiped out and at least two of my girls pass out in the car on the way home — score!

Fountains and splash pads

This is another great activity that we do regularly. Water always has a way of wearing my girls out, so I am always up for this activity!


It is amazing how much my toddlers love going to the museum! It is indoors, which is a bonus, especially when it is over 90 F outside. A little educational indoor fun is always great.


It gets so hot during the summer, so you have to watch when you go. We prefer early morning or late afternoon. We have a lot of great parks in our area, and some are even covered, which I love. This another activity that thoroughly that wears them out.


For those days when you do not want to go anywhere but need to keep the kids busy, you can always craft! From my previous posts, you should have figured out that I love Pinterest and crafting, so this is always fun for me and the kids. Hop on Pinterest to find some crafts related to seasons, letters, numbers, animals — there are so many to pick from!

I hope these have helped give you some idea if you are stuck in a rut on how to keep the kids busy. If you have a favorite activity to do with your kids, please share with us!