5 Homemade Valentine Ideas for the Whole Family

By Christy Piña
Valentine ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is easy to get carried away in planning things for your partner, but this year, spend the days leading up to February 14 making Valentine ideas for your family, with your family.

I Love You Kitchen Towels

Looking for a way to spice up your kitchen? These “I Love You” kitchen towels add the perfect personal touch. All you need is a couple of cotton or linen solid-colored towels craft paint in whichever colors you want, letter stencils, either a stencil pouncer or a Styrofoam-head paintbrush, double-sided tape and whatever other stencils you want to use to decorate the towels.

Valentine Heart Chalkboard

Inspired by Pottery Barn for kids, Crafts by Courtney shows us how to make Chalkboard Heart Frames. You will need wooden heart picture frames, chalkboard spray paint, chalk and sand paper. Instead of spending $40 at Pottery Barn, you can make two for $10!

Valentine Snow Globe

Myth or fact? Snow globes are only meant for Christmas. Myth! Snow globes can be for any time of the year. This Valentine’s DIY snow globe takes the age-old trinket to a new level. All you need is a mason jar, any kind of faux snow, glue dots, a couple of felt hearts (one pink and one red) and paper drinking straws.

Heart Crayons

While this one may be a little more labor-heavy, the end result is beyond beautiful! Get a pack of 64 crayons and separate them into their respective color groups. Then cut a slit down the length of the wrapping paper, break them into little pieces, place them in a heart-shaped pan and bake the crayons for about 10 minutes at 225–250 F.

S’mores Valentine Treat Bag

For something your little one can take to class on Valentine’s Day, these treat bags are the perfect combination of cute and tasty! You will need these printable files, a printer, a paper cutter, little baggies, a stapler, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.


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