5 Reasons Why Your Dad is Your BFF

By Samantha Bradley

Dads are really special individuals. For most of us, our dads will always be our heroes and hold a big place in our hearts, no matter how old we get. As kids, our dads often become our best friends, and for several reasons, they are likely to remain our best friends throughout our entire lives!

He is direct with you when it comes to giving his opinions

Dads tend to be very direct when it comes to dishing out advice based on their experiences. It doesn’t matter if it is advice on marriage, parenting, or any other topic, he is always willing to speak his mind.

He is reliable and always does what he says he will

You can always count on a dad when he gives you his word. You can count on him when it comes to picking up the kids from school or watching them while you go out on date night.


He is willing to assist you in any way possible

Most dads love to help out, especially if it is anything related to his grandkids or any projects where he can get his hands dirty.

He is your biggest cheerleader in life

Sometimes, dads get even more excited about important things that happen in our lives than we do. Whether you are getting married, having kids or landing that dream job, you can count on your dad to be extremely proud of you.

He loves you for who you are and never expects you to change

Dads are often our biggest supporters throughout our lives. They have an endless amount of love and respect for us without ever wanting us to change who we are.

This Father’s Day, make sure the dad in your life feels loved, special and recognized. Your BFF deserves it!


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