5 Signs You will be a Target Mom For Life

By Samantha Bradley

Most moms love shopping at Target. It is like mommy heaven — they carry just about any product you could need for a reasonable price and you can easily spend hours shopping there without even realizing it. If you find yourself doing any of the following five things, then you will probably be a Target mom for life.

You find yourself shopping at Target multiple times a week

If you are shopping at Target at least twice a week, whether online or in store, then you are obviously a loyal shopper who will keep coming back to Target to spend your hard-earned money.

You own a Target REDcard and know about all of its perks

If you own a Target REDcard and are aware of every little perk, you probably do most of your shopping there. You love getting 5 percent off of every purchase, free shipping on online purchases and an extra 30+ day return policy.

You have the Target Cartwheel app downloaded on your phone

Target’s Cartwheel app allows you to select from different categories you would like to get coupons for, scan items’ barcodes to see if there is a coupon and save money while checking out at the register.

You have Target.com saved as your homepage on all of your electronics

If your homepage on your cellphone, computer and iPad are all Target.com, it is safe to say you are going to be a Target shopper for life.

You spend endless hours shopping at Target without getting bored

It is totally OK with you if you spend a few hours at Target because you find shopping there exciting and fun. Who does not want to shop their fashionable clothes, shoes, and accessories?

If you can relate to anyone of the signs above, then you will probably be a Target mom for life, which is definitely not a bad thing! Be proud, have fun and enjoy your shopping!