5 Tips for Traveling to Disney with Kids

By Giggle Magazine

By Trace Ferguson

Traveling to Disney World with the family seems simple in theory. Just show up to the park and have fun, right? Well…there is a little more to it when your kids are involved. But, no need to worry! We have five tips that can make your Disney vacation a little more magical!

Download the My Disney Experience app to help plan your day

From the app, you can choose your fast pass rides (three per day for a single park). You can also check to see how long the lines are for each ride or attraction. So, before you walk halfway across the park for a ride, you can determine whether or not it is worth it.

Bring your own food

You can bring your own water and snacks into the Disney parks. Be sure to freeze some water bottles the night before and pack a bunch of snacks for the kids for when they get hungry.

Buy the Disney ears and souvenirs before going to the park

You can save a lot of money by buying the mouse ears in advance from party stores or online. If your kids are interested in trading pins, buy the lanyards and pins online. You can buy a bulk pack of pins on eBay for cheap instead of paying $7 per pin at the park. Also, if your children want to meet with characters, it is best to buy their autograph books in advance.

Bring or rent a stroller

If you do not have a hotel to go back to, it is easier to have a stroller for your kid(s) to rest in. Rental strollers cost $15 a day for a single passenger or $31 a day for a double passenger. This is also an easier alternative to carrying your kiddos around all day.

Take your time!

No need to try and to do everything the park has to offer. Be sure to slow down and rest occasionally. By pacing yourself, you will enjoy the time with your family more and you can focus on having fun!