5 Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Focused For At-Home School Work

By Anastasia Sims
focused child

With all the new changes coming so quickly, it’s hard to adjust to a normal rhythm of life. Usually work, school, events and even exercise naturally break up the days. But without truly needing to “be” anywhere, it can be hard to be productive. This change may be especially hard for kids that are not having to switch to online schooling. Here are five tips to help your kids stay focused and do their work as if they were in a classroom.

1. Don’t let them do their homework on their bed or the couch.

Your kids don’t lounge in their classrooms, so why should they be allowed to do it at home? Kids should have some normalcy to their learning, and even if it’s just making them sit at the table or their desk, it could help your kids stay focused. And if they usually do homework while they lounge, encourage them to switch things up!

2. Set strict “school time.” 

Usually, the school bells or even dropping and picking your children up can help them cement when the time to learn is. But when they’re at home, this isn’t usually as concrete. Setting up “school time” will encourage your children to have a normal-ish schedule and do their work in the morning and afternoon like they would at school. You could even go the extra mile and set up an allocated lunch/recess break that’ll help your children mix up their afternoon! 

3. Get rid of as many distractions as possible

While you can’t get rid of all the distractions because of the nature of everyone being home, a great idea is to get rid of any distractions around your children that could halt their school work. While your family probably has certain policies in place for homework time, extending that for longer might be a necessary step. Whether it’s taking away other electronics (like Nintendo Switch or an iPad) or limiting playtime until they’re done, diminishing other interruptions is a great tip for making sure they get their work, and yours, done. 

4. Add incentives to keep them interested 

As sneaky as it can be, giving your kids something to look forward to is another way to help your kids stay focused. Their prize can be a special dessert after dinner, a movie of their choice or even extra play time after their school work school work is done. This can especially be helpful toward the end of the day for their final push of school work. 

5. Allow a learning curve! 

This change is hard for everyone! So, especially to the children in your life who are going through school, the best thing you can do is keep a positive attitude! Encourage them that this is hard change and affirm them when they’ve done a great job.


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