6 Great Rainy Day Activities For The Whole Family!

By Dana Kamp

It is summertime in Florida! Here comes the rain! We know we need the showers in order to keep our lawns green, but if you have little ones at home rainy days can become frustrating!

Books, puzzles and DVDs can only entertain for so long. Here are some fun rainy day activities to keep you and your kiddos from getting stir crazy!

1. Turn your house into a giant fort!

Get out those sheets and move the furniture. Connect the rooms with sheet tunnels so you have to crawl from room to room. You can even serve lunch picnic- style in one of the fort’s “rooms.”

2. Turn your garage into an art studio!

Move your car. Bring out all the arts and crafts materials you dread using because of the mess and let the kids go to town! Set up the easel, lay down newspaper, get out the paints and glitter (that’s right, glitter!) and have fun.

3. Go garden-tub swimming!

Put on their bathing suits and let them jump in! Throw in some bath toys, water crayons and Barbie dolls and let them enjoy! This is also a great time to give them Popsicles (who cares where it drips!) and let them use those messy bubble wands!

4. Have some kitchen fun!

Get out those “Mommy & Me” cookbooks (or, for the bravest parents, let kids create their own recipes) and make cookies, smoothies, pizza or even homemade play dough. Use vegetable dye to make the play dough different colors. Let the children play with the play dough for another activity after you’re done in the kitchen!

5. Take out all those board games and organize a board game tournament!

Play several rounds of each game to crown the champion of that game. Make sure you play games at different age/skill levels, so everyone has a fair chance and everyone has fun! You can use your rainy day arts and crafts studio in the garage to make awards for the winner of each tournament.

6. Make your own movie!

Help your children write the script, paint some scenery, dress-up as the characters, grab the video camera and yell “action!” Not only is this one time-consuming, but the end result will be a great memento of Summer 2009.