6 Ways to Save Money on Clothing for Kids

By Carrie Groves

By Carrie Groves

How many of you like to save money? As a mama to a family of six, I know I do! We have four kids, from toddler to teenager (all girls!), and they can cost a lot of money to clothe. Here are some ways I like to save money on clothing for our kids.

Hand me downs

This is especially helpful when there are multiple children in your house. I have saved some of my oldest daughter’s (17) dresses, that my three younger girls have worn or currently wear. Even play clothes can be passed down. If they have some stains, then they can be used for arts and crafts days or park playdates. If you do not have multiple children, ask around to family and friends, or even look on local mom groups on Facebook.

Local buy/sell/trade groups

You can find some great deals on children’s clothing in these Facebook groups. Just remember to meet in a public place when purchasing from someone you met online.

Consignment stores

If you can find consignment stores specifically for children’s items, even better! At consignment stores you can typically find clothing, toys, baby gear, and more. Sometimes you can even find brand new clothing with original tags for a super low price!


I don’t know about you, but I am always getting coupons in the mail for department stores and baby stores. Check around if different baby/kids stores will take competitor’s coupons. There are also lots of different coupon apps that are great, like Coupon Sherpa, Retail Me Not, and Cartwheel by Target, just to name a few.

Discount stores

Check out stores like Target, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross and Wal-Mart. I always find great deals on adorable clothing and accessories for my toddlers and my teen.

Sale racks

Always check the sale section out! Even if you find something that is not in season, you can buy a size or two up and store it away for future use. Retail sells clothing in seasons even in Florida, so always check for good deals to buy for the future!

I hope some of these suggestions help to save you a few bucks. Please feel free to share any suggestions you have on how to save money when it comes to clothing for your kiddos. Happy saving!