7 Water Safety Tips to Remember This Holiday Weekend

By Christy Piña
water safety tips

With Labor Day weekend coming up, you may be making some plans that include water activities with your kids. Summer is the perfect time to soak in the sun by a body of water! Participating in water activities is one of the best ways to spend the summer days with your kids, but it can be a little risky sometimes. Here are some water safety tips to remember now and for the rest of the summer.

  1. If your kids don’t already know, teach them how to swim or enroll them in swim lessons elsewhere. Important note: when teaching your kids how to swim, don’t use a flotation device or water wings because then they’re learning how to float, not how to swim.
  2. Regardless of how much experience your kids have in the water, keep them under constant supervision.
  3. Make sure you know CPR.
  4. If you have older kids, make them buddy up with your younger kids, but don’t let that keep you from watching your children constantly regardless.
  5. If you’re having a party, you or your partner can be the lifeguard for the day or hire help.
  6. Create a process your child must follow every time before going in the pool, beach or any other body of water. This will keep them from just jumping in at any random point.
  7. While encouraging your kids to open their eyes underwater isn’t the best thing, it’s important they feel comfortable doing so if need be.

With these water safety tips in mind, grab your family and enjoy the holiday weekend!


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