9 Cute Alarm Clocks For Kids

By Isabela Rosa

Wouldn’t it be incredible if your little ones knew when it was time to wake up in the mornings without fussing?  Introducing your kids to fun alarm clocks when they are young can help get them up in the mornings and make your life a little easier. These alarm clocks for kids are all different prices, but almost all have similar amenities and price ranges. They can all be found on Amazon and most include free shipping. 


My Tot Clock My Toddler Clock, White ($49.95)


LittleHippo Mella ($49.99)


Dayoo ($14.99)


Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock ($27.88)


Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Alarm Clock ($24.99)


Mirari OK To Wake ($27.99)


Bunny Kids Alarm Clock ($27.99)


Stoplight Enhancing Alarm For Kids ($34.29)


Wake Up Light Alarm For Kids ($23.99)


Best of luck training your kiddos, we hope you will start to get more rest soon!