An Interview with Author Adam Rex

By Samantha Bradley

By Samantha Bradley | Photo courtesy of Adam Rex

Recently, I read a book to my son, Marcelino, called “Nothing Rhymes with Orange.” I have to admit that this book is my new favorite children’s book. It has several strong and powerful life messages for children.

Adam Rex, the author of the book, recently sat down with me for an interview.

What is “Nothing Rhymes with Orange” about?

It’s an all-singing, all-dancing fruit extravaganza that one little orange can’t be part of because nothing rhymes with him. As the book is going on, the orange is kind of just hanging out until the other fruits finally notice him and his situation and come to his rescue.

What age range is your book best suited for?

I would say this book would be suited for all ages.

What do children love most about the book?

I think they can identify with Orange immediately. We all remember being the kid on the edge of the playground who doesn’t know anybody and doesn’t know how to join in with the rest of the gang.

They tend to respond well with the fact that these are just photographs of fruit with faces on them, and a lot kids have told me already they didn’t realize you could make a book that way. Maybe they could can take their own pictures and make their own book in the same fashion, and that makes me really happy.

Where can your book be purchased?

It’s available for purchase through all major book chains, online retailers and at

What’s next for you?

I have a book that’s already finished about Darth Vader that should be coming out in about a year. This time frame is the norm for picture books. Once you’re finished, you have about a year to wait before they hit the market.

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