Selena Garrison

Money Saving Apps

Money Saving Apps at Your Fingertips

We use our smartphones all the time. Like it or not, from connecting to scheduling to entertaining to capturing all the important moments, they seem to be here to stay. And since they are always at our fingertips, we might… read more

How Do You Clean With Children?

As I sit here binge-watching Netflix, I think back to one of many days that my then-5-year-old bellowed from his room, “Moooooom! I don’t have any socks!” Until that point, I had pretty much been the main doer-of-all-things around the… read more

Help Your Kids Make Sense of Money

Yesterday, I was in the bank drive-thru depositing some checks, when my almost-6-year-old piped up from the back seat, “Momma, why do you have to put your papers in that tube thing?” I explained that the “papers” were actually money… read more

Update Your Kid’s Room On A Small Budget

While that adorable farm animal theme may have been just perfect for your newborn, it is quite possible that your 6-year-old is more into super heroes now than cuddly sheep. If you are ready to update your kiddo’s space but… read more