Blushing Beauty

By Giggle Magazine

3 Steps to Your Best Blush

With summer fading, chances are your sunkissed glow is too. Using blush can brighten up your face, add color to your cheeks and give you a fresh, healthy-looking flush that will leave people wondering if you just spent a weekend at the beach. Here are some tips for achieving your best blush this season.

1. Choose the best blush color for you

There are perfect hues of blush for every skin tone. When selecting a shade of blush, choose a color that is close to the color your cheeks turn when you’re naturally flushed.

For lighter complexions, use pale pinks, peaches and apricots that will bring out warm tones in the skin, adding a healthy glow.

For darker complexions, stick to plum shades, rosewoods or burnt oranges that will enhance your rich complexion and add a pop of color.

If those don’t work for you, you can always try warm, natural shades of nude, beige or light brown to give your face that effortlessly flushed appearance.

2. Get the right brush

Having the right brush is critical to making sure your blush is applied evenly, without streaking or looking unnatural. A wide, angled brush or a wide-headed loose powder brush is best for applying powder blush. An angled head is ideal for creating a sculpted, contoured look, while a wide head is better for a seamless application over the entire cheekbone.

3. Apply your blush

Apply your blush in a sweeping upward motion from the apple of the cheek outward and upward toward the temples. Concentrate your brush on your cheeks before moving it up your face. Be sure to blend to get rid of any potential streaks and to make your cheeks look naturally flushed.