#BossMom: Linda Davidson

By Giggle Magazine

As a mom, you quite literally do it all! Between working and making sure your kiddo gets to school with a matching pair of shoes, it proves to be the toughest job anyone could do. Our Giggle moms have shared with us what makes them a #BossMom, and we are all for it! Meet our latest #BossMom Linda Davidson:

Registered nurse Linda Davidson says she loves the fast pace of her work in the emergency department. It gives her the opportunity to think quickly on her feet while also helping others. But, her generous nature isn’t limited to just her work shift.

Her fast paced life doesn’t end after her shift. She is also a caregiver to her parents, a wife to Robert, her husband of 13 years, and mother to 7-year-old twins, Miles and Sophie. She is the ultimate #bossmom and if that weren’t enough to keep one busy, she is currently enrolled in school! “While I love my job, I am also currently in graduate school full-time to become a Family/Acute Care Nurse Practitioner because I want to further my education and have more flexibility in my career and for my family.”

Miles and Sophie are the loves of Davidson’s life. “When they placed the twins on my chest that first time, I didn’t know you could love someone as much as I did for them in that moment (and ever since)” she said. Today, they keep Davidson on her toes and are engaged in the arts and sciences with a love for learning.

“Sophie is my artistic, very creative one that loves to draw and loves music. Miles loves science and has a mind like an engineer and he enjoys building things with Legos,” Davidson said. “I love watching them grow and becoming independent people…I love their curious minds and their love for learning new things.”

As all #bossmoms know, the art of balancing it all is no small feat. For Davidson, the delicate act of balancing work, family and school comes with time management and planning. “I use the Google calendar app which is linked with my husband so he is able to see my hectic schedule. We plan and put everything on that calendar.” Davidson shares advice for other #bossmoms who are playing that delicate juggling act. “No one can do it all, so I’d advise to know your limits and what to prioritize while being realistic with your time. Knowing how to find a good balance within your life that works for you and your family.”

In addition to her work and school schedule, Davidson also makes time for self care. “I also try to make time for myself such as getting a massage monthly, working out, or just some time on my schedule for absolutely nothing, which I usually just relax at home or at a coffee shop. It helps that I have a supportive husband, friends and family.”

Davidson also surrounds herself with other #bossmoms who support her and that she can relate with. “I have so many of my friends that are boss moms. It’s something that drives us to be able to be a great role model for our kids while making sure we spend quality time with our family. My best friend Shelley is one of the best boss moms. She is one of the head nurses within her hospice company; has two beautiful girls that are in many extracurricular activities; a husband, two dogs and five cats; while maintaining a positive and happy attitude.”

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