#BossMom Rose Gleichowski

By Giggle Magazine

As a mom, you quite literally do it all! Between working and making sure your kiddo gets to school with a matching pair of shoes, it proves to be the toughest job anyone could do. Our Giggle moms have shared with us what makes them a #BossMom, and we are all for it!

Rose Gleichowski:

Mom to two girls, Carsyn and Brooke, Rose Gleichowski has learned what techniques work best for her in her daily life to keep her household running smoothly and balancing her career as owner of Impact Weight Management and Club Pilates.

At the top of her list are quality sleep, rest and recovery. “I use an app that lets me know when it’s time for bed so that I start winding down,” Gleichowski said. “I listen to my body when it tells me to slow down -something I never did for most years of my life.”

Gleichowski makes sure to make exercise a priority. She says that scheduling times to work out with friends and putting it on the calendar forces her to actually go to the gym. It also makes it easier to get up at 5 a.m. (before the day with kiddos starts!) if she has some familiar faces waiting for her.

By meal prepping she takes control of her hectic schedule and makes sure that her, and her family’s diet is full of the right fuel. “Just the act of planning kicks my week off right,” she said. It may take a few extra hours, but according to Gleichowski, it saves her money, time and frustration throughout the rest of the week.

What is most valuable?

Knowing now that she can ask for the help of others is the most valuable thing to her. “Most of my life, I felt that I could be independent and didn’t need to rely on others, and let me tell you, that is a lonely and miserable place to be living in,” she said. Reflecting on the quote “it takes a village,” Gleichowski recalls her team of “rockstar women” that have always been by her side. With their help she’s been able to work through any tough day and cover up any mistake she may make on the job.

“Balance has truly taken practice and it still can easily be knocked over like a long domino train,” Gleichowski said. “I have found that being efficient is critical to maximizing my #BossMom powers. And even more important is being humble enough to ask for help from my village.”

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