Create a Caramel Apple Station for The Kids’ Table on Thanksgiving!

By Giggle Magazine
Caramel Apple Station

On Thanksgiving, we know that the kid’s table is the place to be. This year, make it extra special by creating a caramel apple station for the kiddos! Not only will this dessert be the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving meal, but it will bring a smile to your kiddos’ faces as they get to personalize their own caramel apple. Look below for supplies and directions for how to make this interactive dessert this season!

Caramel Apple Station


  • Clean and dry apples
  • Caramels for melting
  • Sprinkles
  • M&M’s candies
  • Reece’s pieces
  • Lollipop holders
  • Ribbon
  • Plates


  • Prepare apples by washing, drying, and inserting stick
  • Pour each topping onto individual plate
  • Melt caramel via directions on your package
  • Dip apple into caramel and twist off excess
  • Place apple on topping plate and let child roll in sprinkles or decorate warm apples with candy.
  • Leave apples to harden
  • Once cool enough to eat, tie ribbon around for extra fun! Enjoy!

Parents – you will need to assist children with this activity!

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