Celebrate Easter With These Crafts and Activities!

By Anastasia Sims
celebrate easter

As Easter Sunday approaches, it’s time to get in the spirit! Whether it’s getting crafty with DIY decorations or special holiday treats the kids can help with, here are 4 things the family can do to celebrate Easter.

1. Egg Carton Flowers

Instead of throwing out Egg cartons after you finish, cut them up in fours. Paint them any color you desire and add a circle of yellow paint in the middle to be the center of the flower. Then, glue or tape a plastic or paper straw on the carton to act as the stem. 

2. Egg Rice Krispies Treats

On the chance that there are some plastic eggs from past Easters laying around, try adding some flair to Rice Krispie treats with the egg-shaped mold. 

3. Bunny Headbands 

With some tape (or glue) and construction paper, an easy DIY accessory for the whole family to celebrate Easter at home is bunny headbands. Simply have everyone measure their head and cut a strip of paper to fit around your head, the adults will probably need to staple or tape two pieces together. To make it a headband, form the paper into a circle. After that, take the rest of the construction paper and cut out four bunny ears; two big and two small. The two bigger shapes will need to be the same color as the band. Wear these around the house on Sunday to get into the festive mood! 

4. Using Peeps for Easter Science 

If your kids, or you, are curious about what Peeps do in the microwave, put one Easter Peep on a plate and heat it for 15 seconds. In that short amount of time, your marshmallow bunny or chick will be giant. If the experiment went wrong or now you’re actually hungry for Peeps, trying adding them to your indoor S’mores for a colorful surprise. 

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