Throw A Dance Party At-Home!

By Stephanie Cornwell
dance party

When I think back on my childhood, my favorite memories are not the trips to Disney. I hardly remember my big birthday parties that my mom worked so hard to throw, and I couldn’t tell you a single present I got before the age of 15. But I can feel the nostalgia set in when I hear the old Beatles albums that my dad would play. My brothers and I would have a dance party around the living room like little kids in a bounce house. My oldest brother Matt’s goofy laugh almost drowns out Lennon’s voice while the middle brother Griffin exhausts himself from flailing his lanky limbs. Mom just claps and giggles at her lack of dancing ability while my dad pretends he is not a part of this freak show. I egg everyone on in this competition of who can embarrass themselves more.

Random dance parties don’t happen that often anymore, because my siblings and I are grown and don’t have the time to embarrass my dad as much as we’d like to. But I look forward to Christmas Eve and random weekends when I get to spend time in the same room with the people I find most important. 

So, I encourage all you mom’s out there to celebrate National Dance Day on September 21 by pushing the coffee table out of the way, putting some fuzzy socks on and showing your little ones some of your favorite dance moves. It’s a free way to spend time laughing and moving with the most important people. 

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