Check Out These Trendy Ice Cream Snacks

By Brooke Avedon
Trendy Ice Cream Snacks

No stranger to the hot, sweltering sun of Florida here in Gainesville, sometimes the heat calls for a refreshing snack. One of the most refreshing snacks of summertime is ice cream, and we are here to provide you with some fun ice cream ideas to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 19! While a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone never gets old, the ice cream game has changed. Check out these trendy ice creams that are as delicious as they are unique and pretty. Make your own at home or visit one of the many fun and unique ice cream shops in the area to try a trendy ice cream snack with a fun twist!

Black Charcoal

Despite the color, black charcoal ice cream has a sweet taste almost like Nutella, but be cautious because it will leave a jet-black mark on your lips. Some may be eating it for health benefits, others may be eating it as a refreshing summer treat!

Cookie Cups

Bring two of your favorite desserts together with cookie cups! This cookie shaped cone serves as a base for soft serve ice cream. Most cookie cups are made from crushed Oreos, but people are putting new twists on this new cone!

Puffle Cone

A puffle cone is fluffy cone made from an egg-based batter looks like a bubbly waffle. Originating in Hong-Kong, this cone makes for a warm base as they are often freshly prepared and baked that pairs well with cold ice cream.


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