Celebrate Pi Day This Weekend — With Pie!

By Jacqueline Saguin

Who knew celebrating math could be so delicious? As we near National Pi Day on March 14, Giggle has created ways to celebrate our infinite love for the number. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, or 3.14. So, try out these creative activities with your kiddos this Pi Day!

Eat pie!

Any celebratory day with “Pi” in it gives the perfect excuse to eat, well, pie – whether that be a pizza pie or cherry pie. Before you eat, let your child measure the diameter and circumference of the pie, so they’re learning AND getting a sweet treat. 

Fun fact: Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day — March 14, 1879!


There’s only one way to celebrate Pi Day, and that’s with Pi-shaped goodies. Find Pi symbol cookie cutters to get the full effect of the day. Or, get a Pi Pie Pan for all your baking needs. You can even try your hand at selling these baked goods, for $3.14, of course.

Fun fact: Givenchy sells a men’s cologne named “Pi.” It markets the scent as the celebration of what makes a man intelligent and courageous. 

Learn Pi!

Challenge your children to recite as many digits of Pi as they can. It’s a great way to encourage learning as well as healthy competition. 

Fun fact: Rajveer Meena holds the Guinness World Record for memorizing the most decimal places of Pi. He listed 70,000 in about 10 hours!