Celebrate St. Patty’s Day With These Crafts!

By Camille Graham

This St. Patty’s Day, are you looking for a way to get festive, but want something that has less to do with Guinness and more to do with glitter and fun with the kiddos? Here are 3 crafts you and your little one can do to get in the St. Patty’s day spirit.

DIY Shamrock Stamp

Leftover bell peppers from fajita night? Instead of throwing them out, repurpose them into a shamrock stamp! Cut the bell pepper in half or find a suitable crosswise section. This is now your clover-shaped shamrock stamp! Using a paper plate as a paint pallet, spread a layer of green craft paint wider than the opening of the bell pepper. Stamp the “shamrock” into the paint, making sure the entire outline is in the paint and using like you would any other stamp. If you’re looking to take it up a notch and don’t mind getting a bit messy, try adding gold glitter while the paint is still wet to add extra St. Patty’s day flare!

Gratitude Clover

Using our FREE PRINTABLE, print out a simple four-leaf clover outline onto green paper. Give your child a head start and write the phrase “I am lucky because…” in the stem of the clover. Then, help them come up with four things they’re lucky for having. This can be a great time to talk about being thankful for things like ‘there’s yummy food on the dinner table’ or ‘I love my friends.’


Want to add a little magic and whimsy to your St. Patty’s day? All you need is a cardboard tube! Recycle a discarded paper towel tube or the inside of a roll of tinfoil for this activity. After painting the tube green and letting it dry, your kids can let their imagination run wild with decoration. Pompoms, tinsel, sticky pennies from underneath the couch –– anything works! Once their telescopes are ready, you can even go on a leprechaun scavenger hunt, looking for green clues around the house!


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