Celebrate Your Chicken Scratch on National Handwriting Day!

By Camille Graham

For something as universal as writing, everyone’s handwriting is a little bit different. Neat and angular, looping and wild, even quick chicken-scratch – handwriting is universal but still so personal.

We spend our days taking notes and making lists, but we rarely think about the handwriting we have. Every January 23rd, we look a little closer at our penmanship on National Handwriting Day.

While some schools are phasing out the use of cursive, others argue that it’s still a necessary style of writing. Besides being faster than writing in print, if your child needs to study historical documents or you’re trying to decipher a doctor’s note, cursive can be an important skill.

To celebrate, kick-off the day by giving your little one a head-start in the handwriting department. Practice the proper grip technique on a beginner pencil to make sure their motor skills are sharpened for writing, or print out a traceable alphabet for continued practice.

You don’t have to be a kid to celebrate National Handwriting Day. Already up to date on your cursive? Practice calligraphy and get creative with your lettering!

Fortunately, it’s easy to find free online sources to practice handwriting skills on. To add some flair to your writing, print out worksheets to practice hand lettering or even take an online class to sharpen up.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of hand lettering, even your grocery lists will make calligraphers jealous.

If your perfect penmanship leaves no room for improvement, learn about what your handwriting style might say about you – it could reveal more than you think!

Whether you’re jotting down a to-do list or writing a love letter, take a minute this January 23rd to think about your handwriting.