Celebrating Single Parents

By Giggle Magazine

By Mercedes Leguizamon

If you are a single parent, there is a day to celebrate you! Sept. 23 is National Singles Day! You have made it pretty far in this job we call parenting, and you have managed to do what is usually a two-person job on your own. That in itself deserves a pat on the back. Here are five fun ways to celebrate your parenting success that only require two people — you and your child!

Lemonade stand

Make a lemonade stand with your child. Whether it is made out of cardboard or just a simple table, enjoy the day with your kiddo making some refreshing drinks together to sell (or give out for free!) to others around you.

Sidewalk chalk art

This is one of the best ways to show each other how creative you are, while being kind of messy. Just buy chalk, then head outside to create some art! The best part is that you can wash it off with water whenever you are done.

DIY spa day

Relax with your children and celebrate yourself with these fun ideas from 5minutesfrommoms.com.

Bowling day

Bowling is always a fun way to pass the day indoors with your child.

 Local library

For a more relaxing day, head to the local library to read a few books with your child and learn things that you never knew before.

Whether it be by choice or not, single parenthood is never something you should be ashamed of. Raising your child right should be the priority, no matter how it is done! Be sure to take some time this Singles Day to celebrate being a parent with your little one.