Challenge your Kids to a Scavenger Hunt at Home!

By Isabella Sorresso
scavenger hunt

Don’t let your kiddos get stuck to their screens during all this at-home time this summer! A scavenger hunt may seem like a complex game to sit and plan for your kids, but with this super easy Giggle Magazine approved scavenger hunt, they’ll be playing and running around the house searching for things in no time!

Challenge them to find items faster than their siblings or within a certain time frame to up the stakes! If they finish first or before time runs out, give them a prize! Could be a piece of candy, an extra 30 minutes of tablet time or even not having to do one of their chores that day! Ready to play? Grab a bag to collect your items and let’s get started!

Inside tasks:

  1. Find something that starts with the letter “H”
  2. Find something you can wear on your hands
  3. Find one of your favorite foods
  4. Take a picture of you with a pet
  5. Find something smaller than a paperclip
  6. Bring mom or dad a snack!
  7. Find a key
  8. Find something with numbers on it
  9. Find something blue
  10. Find something that makes you happy

Outside tasks:

  1. Take a picture of an animal
  2. Find something bumpy
  3. Find something made of plastic
  4. Take a picture of something with wheels
  5. Find a flower
  6. Take a picture of a street sign
  7. Find two kinds of leaves
  8. Find an acorn
  9. Find something an animal would eat
  10. Find a unique rock