Nickel and Dime: Costs of Pregnancy That Can Add Up!

By April Tisher
Costs of Pregnancy

One of the first things to consider when you find out you are pregnant (if not before) is what costs you can expect to incur over the next nine months. There are the usual expenses we immediately think about when it comes to healthcare: co-pays, lab work, insurance deductibles, etc., and we think of the expenses for the baby as well: cribs, car seats, furniture, diapers and the such. But there are often more things to consider financially than the obvious lists. So, we went to the experts, our local moms of course, and asked them what some hidden costs of pregnancy that you should also prepare for would be and what advice they have regarding extra monies they spent during their pregnancies that they hadn’t thought of prior. Moms, take note!


Pregnancy photo shoots are priceless photos of you and your family to enjoy of your growing baby bump. Many also choose to display them in the nursery or other parts of the home. The cost of this will vary widely depending upon if you choose a studio photographer, a professional on location photographer or if you just have a friend or relative take them.

Cost: Free and up


Maternity clothes may be a necessary expense for you; especially if you work outside the home in an environment that requires a specific dress code. Purchasing a few good staple pieces you can mix and match and pair with different color accessories can ease the cost burden. Luckily there are a lot of options in a wide variety of price ranges out there so you can wear whatever you’re comfortable in and comfortable spending. Target, Old Navy, A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood all carry maternity styles. You can even get a Stitch Fix subscription for maternity clothes!

Cost: $8 and up


There are extra ultrasounds that you can choose to do “for fun” that are above and beyond the standard ones done by your doctor as part of your normal prenatal care. There are several local companies that offer these “sneak peeks” at your baby with the disclaimer that they are not meant to diagnose any medical conditions. These can be early looks at the baby, a gender reveal or close ups of the face in later pregnancy. Keep in mind, insurance may not cover them.

Cost: $60-$200.


Depending on whether you are using a prescription prenatal vitamin or buying them over the counter, most expecting moms are encouraged by their doctors to take one throughout their pregnancy.

Cost: $25-50 a month


Lotions, oils and creams are at the top of many expecting moms shopping list to help keep their skin soft, hydrated and pliable during their nine month journey into motherhood.

Cost: $6- $50 a bottle


Classes may also be on your list of things to do while expecting. Many doctor’s offices and hospitals offer free or low cost prenatal classes, birthing classes, sibling classes, breastfeeding classes and the like. UF Health offers a Childbirth Education Class that includes a tour of the Labor and Delivery Unit. They also offer Newborn Care Class and a Breastfeeding Class. North Florida Regional Medical Center also offers a Childbirth class and Newborn Care and Breastfeeding classes at.

Cost: $15-$50 per class


Pregnancy Fitness classes are also something many moms take advantage of during the nine months of pregnancy.

Cost: $50 and up


Grocery shopping and eating for two requires more calories and nutritional choices for growing a healthy baby. You may not be able to tolerate some of the foods you usually eat or you just want to eat more high quality foods that can cost more than you may be used to. Keeping a fridge and pantry full of healthy foods and snacks is a must!

Cost: $1 and up

Pregnancy may end up costing you more monetarily than you anticipated, but it will all be worth it for a happy, healthy mom and baby!


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